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We are all guilty once we obtain a credit card, secure cable service, or car insurance,and we stay with that provider for years. Every day we see billboards, ads on television, and then there are ads on the radio offering better rates and deals.

Car Insurance – There are statistics most of us keep the same provider on average 15-20 years. When was the last time you contacted your agent to discuss your rates? Many agents have options available to consumers that result in a lower premium. Also, say you get married and you both have different insurance. Talk to your agent about adding your spouse to your policy; you may be eligible for a lower premium. If I do not a car accident, I actually get a check every 6 months for good driving.

Cell Phone Service – The ads are everywhere you turn and makes shopping around for the best deal easy to do, especially when you’re getting a new device/upgrade. $$$.
Home Insurance – Check with your agent to see if there are other options available to save you money. I have found by having multiple policies with the insurance companies (car; home) I have enjoyed discounts resulting in CO$T savings.

Cable and Internet Service – Generally, there are at least two options available to consumers, depending on service area where you live. Average promotion runs 12 – 24 months. After that, rates go up and you have to change service just to get the best deal. Such a pain. Good news–one tip that service providers are beginning to do is offer cheaper bundles so we do not have to pay for channels we do not watch. They do not tell consumers this is available. So give your service provider a call and ask what the latest and greatest promotions are. If we do not ask, we do not save $$.Just saying!!

Credit Cards (cc) – Many cc companies offer sign up bonuses and cash back plans. I know I feel like I would be crazy not to sign up for a new card. It has been said by many a loan officer when I have applied for loans that the rule of thumb is to pay the balance off in full each month on the new card, while keeping the old card and not close it out. After paying off the old balance then just simply use the new card as your primary account. The longer an account has been open, the better it is for the credit score; avoid being flagged as a risk and have it affect the credit score we all work hard to achieve come loan approval time. The new card does need time to build up a history of what our individual spending habits are, which in turns affects the credit score. Check out https://www.nerdwallet.com. They advertise they compare over 1,200 cards instantly to get the lowest rate, most cash back or best perks. Easy peasy!! In summary, every consumer enjoys benefits in getting a great deal and saving $$.

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